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Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing

What to Expect

  • A big picture overview of the content
  • In-depth feedback on the content’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Suggestions on areas for improvement
  • Some structural rearrangement of the content or suggestions on what to restructure or rearrange

Here’s What You Get

  • A letter with in-depth analysis about what works and areas for improvement
  • Some restructuring of sentences, paragraphs, and chapters as needed to ensure the content is easy for readers to follow
  • Suggestions on implementing a consistent tone and voice
  • Suggestions that help you communicate with your target audience
  • Suggestions to aid you in establishing your writing style
  • Recommended for clients with a completed manuscript they are trying to get ready for publishing

Here’s What’s Not Included

  • Line editing, copyediting, and proofreading (these are separate services that cannot be done at the developmental editing stage)
  • Fact checking

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